School Board

What does the School Board do?

School Boards are responsible for the kura/school’s performance and ensuring that all legal requirements are met. Parents, caregivers and people from the wider community can be nominated for election to a kura/school board. School Boards provide strategic leadership and direction to their kura.

Learn more about what a School Board is expected to accomplish with this PDF from the NZSTA websi

Board Members

Presiding Member
Nathan Mumby

Nathan Mumby

Dave Fox

Health and Safety
Paul Davison 

Zoe Manderson 

Staff representative
Bonnie Mills

Sarah Morris

Robyn King

Meeting Minutes

To view BoT meeting minutes and principal’s reports please use a desktop or tablet device with a larger screen. Thank you.

School Board Meeting Minutes and Principal's Reports


MonthDateAgenda / ReportMinutes
March 24.03.2021 n/a Minutes


MonthDateAgenda / ReportMinutes
February 20.02.2019 n/a Minutes
March 23.03.2019 n/a Minutes
April 30.04.2019 n/a Minutes
May 30.04.2019 n/a Minutes
June 06.06.2019 n/a Minutes


MonthDateAgenda / ReportMinutes
February 15.02.2018 Report Minutes
March 15.03.2018 Report Minutes
May 09.5.2018 Report Minutes
June 13.06.2018 Report Minutes
July 25.07.2018 n/a Minutes
September 05.09.2018 n/a Minutes
October 24.10.2018 n/a Minutes
December 13.12.2018 n/a Minutes


MonthDateAgenda / ReportMinutes
February 16.02.2017 Report Minutes
March 14.03.2017 Report Minutes
May 11.05.2017 Report Minutes
June 14.06.2017 Report Minutes
August 03.08.2017 Report Minutes
August (2) 24.08.2017 Report Minutes
September 14.09.2017 Report Minutes
October 19.10.2017 Report Minutes
November 16.11.2017 Report Minutes
December 14.12.2017 Report Minutes


MonthDateAgenda / ReportMinutes
June 16.06.2016 Report Minutes
August 03.08.2016 Report Minutes
September 07.09.2016 Report Minutes
October 27.10.2016 Report Minutes
November 23.11.2016 Report Report
December 13.12.2016 Report Minutes

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