Enrol with Frankley

Pre Enrolment Form

Our pre enrolment form collects the majority of the information we require to pre enrol your child at school. Before you fill it out, make sure you have read our Enrol with Frankley page. This is a provisional enrolment form. Your proof of address will be requested if in zone.

If you have any questions or would like to complete a paper based form instead, call us or pop into the school office.

Details of Parent 1:

Please provide as much contact information as possible.

Details of Parent 2:

Please provide as much contact information as possible.

First Emergency Contact

Second Emergency Contact

Child's Doctor

Medical Information

Immunisation Record

Early Childhood Education

Was ECE attended regularly?

Did your child attend an ECE service in the 6 months prior to starting school?

Please tick each type of ECE service your child attended:

Custody Access Conditions

Ongoing Support

Does your child have a special need or require additional learning support, such as: hearing, sight, speech, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, toileting?

Specialist Support

Has your child received specialist support? RTLB, ORS, SPELD? If yes, please provide more information below.

Future Siblings to Attend

Please add their full legal name and date of birth:

Privacy Statement

The information collected in this form will be used by Frankley School for enrolment and therefore is an essential part of the information held by the school about your child. The records made from this information may be viewed on request at the school. The information collected may be disclosed to appropriate education, health, and welfare authorities and for data gathering purposes by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act. It will not be disclosed to any other person or agency unless such disclosure is authorised or required by law.

Parent/Caregiver Acknowledgements

Consent for publication of information

Images of our students (photographs, video clips etc.), and examples of their school work, are sometimes published in our newsletters, on our school website, Seesaw app, and other online channels such as the school/class blogs, Facebook page, YouTube, etc. We publish student material to celebrate students’ achievements, to encourage students to participate in our school community, and to promote the school. We believe it is important to celebrate students’ achievements but are aware of the potential risks when such personal information or material is published online. In the interest of safety and security we require parents to give consent before publication. With consent, we share no more than a student’s first name, image, or work in the school newsletter, on the school website, or in the wider online community.

Parent Approval For Sudden Illness and Injury

I agree that the school will take action on my behalf in case of sudden illness or injury to my child. This includes incidents at school and off-site, where applicable.

Education Outside the Classroom

From time to time there are opportunities to enhance your child's learning through education outside of the classroom (EOTC), school day-trips, sports days and some events like shows in school. Parents are informed prior to such trips or events. For convenience, we only ask parents/carers to sign this EOTC permission once. It will stay in place for all of the years that your child is at Frankley School unless we are told otherwise. If there is a change in circumstances and you would like to change your permission choice, please contact the school office and we can amend our records.

Please note that EOTC activities requiring an overnight stay, e.g. camps etc, will require a specific consent separate to this agreement.

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