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On enrolment at Frankley School, your child will be placed in a classroom appropriate to their current learning level. It is necessary to complete some enrolment documentation. For five year olds we suggest this is undertaken a term out from their fifth birthday. Forms are to be completed at the office and we need to sight:

proof of birth (birth certificate or passport) and immunisation details (immunisation certificate or Well Being Health Book). During the day, children spend most of the time working with their teacher. Within this grouping other ability groups are formed to provide opportunities for each child to progress at their own rate of learning and in doing so, develop self confidence and a feeling of success.

Zone - Please contact the school office for further details as we are now taking enrolments.

13 April 2018

Kia Ora
As you are all aware Frankley School currently operates an enrolment scheme (also known as a zone).  Enrolment schemes are an instrument used by the Ministry of Education to control overcrowding at schools.  Our current zone was put in place over 15 years ago at a time when the school role had reached near capacity, we have managed our student numbers carefully over this time and the school has fluctuated between 220 and 260 pupils (we have a capacity of 265), this year we will end up with a roll of approx 235.  
Over the past 15 years there has been major growth and change in the make-up of residential properties that surround and border our school zone, for example Karamea Street and all the streets that come off it did not exist at the time our zone was put in place, this means that they are not in our zone even though Frankley is the closest school to a lot of the families that live there.  At the moment these families have to apply to be accepted and go through a ballot system to attend Frankley (at present the ballot system happens once a year in September if the school has the need).   On top of this there are also now a number of other gaps and anomalies in our current zone that need to be addressed.
Because of the above over the past 2-3 years we have been in numerous discussions with the Ministry about the need to tidy up our zone, or in fact do we still need an enrolment scheme given that our present roll means that our school is currently under the MOE’s 90% capacity mark?  
Following our latest round of discussions with the Ministry (every year the Ministry of Education require the School and the Board of Trustees to attest that a zone is still required) and given the increasing number of requests from out of zone families wanting to enrol their children at Frankley, the Board along with the School’s Management have decided to formally uplift our zone (the uplift is expected to take a couple of weeks to become official).
We see this as an exciting opportunity to grow our school roll.  With this in mind we have also talked at length with the Ministry about what’s required to re-introduce an enrolment scheme in the future should we again find ourselves nearing capacity.  They have provided us with the information that’s required to do this and have stated that they will work with the school to tidy up areas of what was our old zone if this needs to happen.  As a Board we have taken this one step further and started work on this so we are in the position to make this a reality, should it be required.
As always should anyone have any queries regarding this please feel free to contact any member of the schools Board (Campbell Third, Graeme Jones, Gemma Chadwick, Erin Smith, Paul Davison, Nathan Mumby, Kim Cribb) or Merryl Mcallister (Relieving Principal).


Enrolment Visit

Parents are encouraged to visit the school before your child commences, to meet with the Principal and staff member who will be teaching your child.

Starting a new school is a really important event and we are keen to help children make the transition as smooth as possible.

Click here to open up the a document called "Learning the Frankley Way" for more information. (This is currently under review.)



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