Kura ahurea

Our School Culture

Learning through Connection

Here at Frankley School we encourage a sense of courageous, caring learning in our students. By working alongside our children, we promote a sense of community and a true feeling of belonging for whānau. Our school likes to stay in close contact with the local iwi and community to stay grounded, and also we look to best-practice in learning around the world.

We welcome children from all cultures, and we encourage our students to actively learn about their own culture, Māori culture, and the cultures of their fellow classmates.

On this page we share our vision for Frankley School, our vision mark, and some of the ways in which our tamariki can engage in cultural activities at school.

Tū kaha 

Tū manaaki 

Tū ako 

Courageous Caring Learner 

Our Vision

Te Ao Māori, the Māori worldview, is paramount at our school and this is incorporated into our Vision with the support of Damon Ritai through the Māori Achievement Collaboration. 

Tū kaha ~ Stand strong

This statement is included in the school whakatauki and relates to our 3 Kahikatea trees and the strength of their intertwined roots.  Our community want our children to have a strong sense of self, to be confident and to make good decisions. 

Tū manaaki ~ To care for self, others and the environment

Being kind, community minded and looking after our environment came through strongly in the feedback from all of our stakeholders. On the marae, manaakitanga/hospitality and caring for  manuhiri/visitors is very important as it builds mana/prestige.  We want to reflect this kaupapa in our day-to-day interactions in our kura (school) and beyond, binding our  community together.  

Tū ako ~ Act of learning

Our families want their children to understand how they learn. The act of learning in Te Ao Māori is a reciprocal relationship where the tuakana/teina can learn from each other and is not always about age.  Having humility enables us to accept that we don’t always know the answers. 

Our new vision will lead our reviewed Frankley School Curriculum which includes strong Guiding Principles and Capabilities.

Ngā manaakitanga 

Sarah Morris 


Tohu Kahikatea

Our Vision Mark

Our tohu (mark) includes elements that reference values that are important to Frankley School:

  • Tū kaha (courage and strength)
  • Tū manaaki (caring for self, others and the environment)
  • Tū ako (learning and teaching)


The three mangopare (hammerhead shark) elements represent the 3 parts of the tohu, the 3 kahikatea trees on campus.


The puwerewere symbols are from Taranaki. The spiral has elements of both Maori and Celtic design, showing the history of Frankley.


Children, teachers, and whanau are shown as koru. Everyone is joined together, moving, growing, learning.


The reciprocal nature of the teaching and learning process is shown in these koru shapes, as well as the cyclical nature of the whole tohu.

Kapa Haka

All children are welcome to participate in our Kapa Haka group.

For latest information on Kapa Haka click through:

Music & Choir

Musical experiences are woven into classes, and children can develop these skills further by joining the Frankley School Choir or learning an instrument.

Kura Whakatauāki

Ka whakatō Te Kākano
Ka puta mai Te Puāwai
Ka tipu Te Pihinga
Ka Tūhono nga pakiaka
Ka tu kaha nga Kahikatea
E tu maia, e tu manawanui eee!

We plant the seed
The plume appears
The seedling continues to grow
The root systems join together
The Kahikatea trees stand strong
Stand confident, stand resolute!

School Song

E tu kahikatea
Hei whakapai ururoa
Awhi mai awhi atu
Tatou tatou e
Tatou tatou e
Tatou tatou e

Stand tall, like the white pines
You give to me and I give to you
And between us
We will be strong together
We will be strong together
We will be strong together

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