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Learn about Frankley's past

From its beginnings in a rural barn, to the current grounds surrounded in native bush, Frankley School has always looked to provide quality education to our local community.

Many of these notes are taken from the principal’s journal of the time. We are currently updating our timeline.

Scroll through our historical timeline of noteworthy events below. If you think we’ve missed something special out, please get in touch.

Frankley School Established

A report in the Taranaki Herald reads: “A school has been established in connection with the Chapel recently erected at the corner of Mr. Peter Elliot’s land”.

December: Statement in Taranaki Herald - “ School was held in Mr. Peter Elliot’s large barn”. This is effectively the date that Frankley School celebrates its birthday.

Read more about Frankley School's history at the PressReader site.

Residents evacuate homes

Residents in the area forced to evacuate their properties and take refuge in New Plymouth when reports relayed by the 65th Regiment warned of a number of “rebels” collected and proposing to attack New Plymouth.

Residents return

Residents begin to return to the area.

Tenders to build a school house

Tenders received to build a school house on the Frankley Road. Mr Small’s tender of One Hundred and Thirty-Three Pounds and Ten Shillings for an upright boarding school house, was accepted.

Frankley Road School opened

The Frankley Road School opened with a roll of 4, rising to 11 by the end of the first week. School was administered under the Education Act of 1877 which introduced free secular and compulsory education.

Election of School Committee

First meeting of householders held for election of School Committee: Mr. W.B. Davies,(Chairman); James Ducker; George Marett; Thomas Griffin, Andrew Cole; Harry Okey; John Hooper.

Westown Infants

Westown Infants and S1 and S2  opened as a side school to Frankley Road School (Headmaster Mr. Winfield- Teacher-Amie Black). No easels available and no water supply.

Peace celebration

School closed today to celebrate Proclamation of Peace.

Education Board decision on new school

That the attention of the Education Board be drawn to the insanitary and overcrowded state of the Frankley Road School and that this meeting considers the time has arrived when a new school should be erected. (99 children under the care of one teacher and two assistants).

Local legend claims that a number of parents crawled underneath and removed enough piles to ensure that the Board Inspectors would indeed find the building unworthy.

School house moved

School house moved by excavating the foundations and transporting the building by horse-drawn wagons to an adjacent site. It was subsequently used as a gymnasium and concert hall.

Year of Halley's Comet

 New two roomed school built on the cleared and levelled ground.


School closed from 12-23 June on account of a diphtheria outbreak. The school was disinfected during this closure.

Surrender of Austria

Surrender of Austria during WW1. Learn more here at Wikipedia.

Farewell to Mr and Mrs Winifeild

A farewell social to Mr. and Mrs. Winfield held in gymnasium and presentation of a purse of sovereigns by settlers of district. Mr Winifeild was headmaster of the school for 20 years.

Children's Day

School closed for Children’s Day, Peace Celebrations.


School should have resumed after Summer holidays on 3 February, but owing to influenza the Health Department closed schools until 19 Feb.

Prince of Wales Visit

School closed today for the visit of  the Prince of Wales. Read more on the NZ History site.

Infantile Paralysis Epidemic

Owing to infantile paralysis epidemic schools did not reopen on Feb. 5 by order of the Health Dept. I posted to pupils of S5 and 6 work to be done at home.

Westown School Opens

The new school at Westown opens today. Frankley Side School, that had been held in the Westown Hall, is now closed.

Funeral for Prime Minister Mr Massey

School closed owing to the death of  Prime Minister Mr. Massey - also closed for his funeral.

Registration of School Colours Gazetted

Claim for registration of school colours gazetted. Frankley Public School Monogram: Letters “F.S.” in gold.   Colours: Navy blue and gold.  Cap: A navy blue cap divided into four sectors by gold braid around the peak. The school monogram is worn on the front of the cap.

“May these colours ever be the token of self-respect and loyalty to the school”.

Bee-keeping arrives at Frankley School

24 October: Last night Mr. Maxwell brought two nucleus hives with which to commence instruction to the scholars in bee-keeping.

Visit the Puke Ariki website to see a picture of beekeeping at Frankley.

School upgraded to 3A

School upgraded to 3A at commencement of school on February 5th.

King's Jubilee

King George V celebrated his 25th year on the throne. Read more about him Wikipedia.

Tree Planting Ceremony

Visit by members of the Taranaki Education Board to participate in the tree planting ceremony … The planting of the native trees was under the control of Mr. V. Davies  who also provided the trees. The first tree was planted by Mrs. Arden whose husband had planted the original pine trees 40 years ago.

Short talk on the death of King George

A short talk concerning the death of King George and the accession of King Edward VIII was given to the children this morning.

Infantile Paralysis Epidemic

On account of the Infantile Paralysis epidemic, schools have been closed since 12 December.

Milk for School Children

Milk supply to children commenced today. Read more about the free-milk scheme at the NZ History site.

Measles Epidemic

School closed for Term Vacation. The attendance has been seriously affected by the measles epidemic. One pupil died as a result of this followed by complications. Senior boys acted as bearers.

Diamond Jubilee Postponed

The school's diamond jubilee due this year has been postponed due to impending war.

Primary Schools Centennial Sports

School closed. Primary Schools Centennial Sports 12th annual meeting held at Pukekura Park. Frankley was successful for the third year in succession in winning the Furrie Cup.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. M.J. Savage Dies

School was closed  from 28-29 March owing to the death of the Rt. Hon. M.J. Savage, Prime Minister.

Fancy Dress Ball

December: Fancy Dress Ball held- school had “Bucking Up” ceremony.

New Plymouth Centennial Celebrations

Centennial Week. Celebrations at Ngamotu Beach - first landing etc.

See a programme at the Puke Ariki website.

Read more about the celebrations at the Te Ara website.

Armistice Day

Armistice Day was celebrated here today. This marked the end of four years of fighting in the First World War. Read more about Armistice Day on the NZ History site.

Jubilee Organisation

Mr. V.C. Davies, Chairman of the Jubilee committee, called today to discuss the part of the present pupils in the Jubilee.

Our 68th Jubilee

The 68th Jubilee (held 29 March) was a great success and reflected great credit on those responsible. Unveiling of War Memorial and unveiling of Memorial to the late G. Paterson, held in morning. Luncheon, Roll Call, Photographs, afternoon tea and cutting of Jubilee cake were held in the afternoon. A Jubilee dance was held in the evening.


School closed on account of Poliomyelitis. Correspondence work set for all classes from Primer One to Form Two. Teachers on duty. Cleaning and burning a collection of 60 odd years (Mr. G.A. Cartwright - Headmaster).

Death of King George VI

School closed - death of King George VI.

Coronation Ceremony

Coronation Ceremony held in afternoon at school. Folders and medals presented.

Learn more about the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on Wikipedia.

Frankley School Declared a Contributing School

Frankley Road School declared a contributing school. Form 1 and 2 pupils commenced attending the new Devon Intermediate School.

Mr. B Guild becomes Head Teacher

Mr. B. Guild commenced as Head Teacher.

School Savings

Mr. Thompson from the N.P. Post Office arrived at school this morning and spoke to the children about School Savings.

Old School Demolished

During the holidays the “old school” (built 1878) was demolished and materials have been stacked on the site awaiting auction.

Prefab Classroom Erected

During the holidays a prefab classroom was erected to promote Frankley School to a Grade IVa.

SFRC Formed

The School Social and Fundraising Committee (SFRC) formed with the aim of raising funds for the benefit of the school and promoting a community spirit in the school district. It is still going today. Visit this page to learn more about the SFRC.

School visit by Minister of Education Hon. Mr. Kinsella

School visited by the Minister of Education, Hon. Mr. Kinsella, and members of the Taranaki Education Board, to look at ways and means of getting a new school approved by government.

Roll increase to 103

103 children on the roll, 4 staff members and only 3 classrooms. One group of 14 children is being accommodated in the infants’ porch.

Visit from District Senior Inspector

District Senior Inspector approved using the school residence as a temporary classroom.

Moving from old school to new school

School children were given a holiday today to enable shift of materials and equipment … from the old school to the new.

First Day at New Frankley School

This is our first day in the new Frankley School. Staff and children are more than delighted with its spaciousness, convenience and warmth. Ground space for playing is very limited at the moment and we look forward to the hard court area being sealed in the very near future.

Official opening of the new Frankley School

Today was the official opening of the new Frankley School. The ceremony was performed by the Minister of Education, the Rt. Hon. Mr. Kinsella. Other speakers were Mr. V.C. Davies, who gave a brief historical address, Mr. M.G.B. Harvey, Chairman of the Education Board and Mr. W.J. Guild, Head Teacher. Mr. H.W. Mills, Chairman of the School Committee presided.

H.M. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip visit New Plymouth

School holiday to enable children to attend assemblies in order to see H.M. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

School Gala - Blue Streak Railcar

School gala raised $306.15

Miss Littlewood’s class travelled to Hawera on the “Blue Streak” railcar for a day’s outing.

Arbour Day Ceremony

An Arbour Day ceremony held at school to plant a large selection of native trees in the wilderness area south of the school block. In addition an avenue of liquid ambers was interplanted in gums lining the driveway. A crowd of approx. 50 people attended and a kauri was planted by Mr. V.C. Davies.

School Regraded IVc

Notified that school is to be regraded IVc (5 teachers) for 1975.

New Fifth Classroom in Use

New fifth classroom in use for the first time. During the holidays extensive bulldozing to remove poplar trees was carried out in grounds.

The School Expands

Advice was received that a further permanent classroom (No. 6) and attached toilet block, and library/multi-purpose room have been approved by the Education Board. Work is to commence on both at an early date.

Frankley to remain a contributing school for Devon Intermediate.

New library carpeted

30 September: New library carpeted today. Now ready for occupation.

125th Jubilee Celebrations

Our 125th Jubilee celebrations were held over 24-26 March, with a get-together on Friday, with decade photographs, cutting of the cake and afternoon tea on Saturday. A ball was held in the evening and a thanksgiving service at Frankley School on Sunday morning.

N.B. 1978 was also the Centennial Year of the Department of Education and the year of Frankley’s “official” recognition as a place of education. Many schools 
opened in 1878 with the implementation of the Education Act on 1 Jan. 1878.

Sixth classroom in operation

Sixth classroom in operation today. 156 pupils.

Building of admin block commenced

Work commenced on building of administration block today.

School participated in Top Town competition

School participated in Top-Town competition run by YMCA.

Flooded library and school grounds

After heavy rain the school grounds and library were flooded.

Heavy rain causes flood in the library

Heavy rain resulted in the library being flooded again.

It was noticed that speakers were missing from room 5/6 but because they were rarely used it is unclear when this happened.

A ball was bowled into a glass pane and broke it. It has been one of "those days".

New groundsman caretaker joins the school

Mr B Gibbs relinquished duties as groundsman/cleaner , taken over by Mr T Young on July 12th.

Library earthworks, school gala

Machines formed a low ramp around the library to prevent further flood problems.

School gala raised $1497.32

School gala, swimming pool project

School Gala raised more than $2000 - very successful hangi to start.

Swimming pool project/extensions completed. Key system introduced.

An Evening with Bill Guild

“An evening with Bill Guild” was very well received by an appreciative audience of parents, who heard Bill explain his teaching philosophy and saw film (1977) and video (of current S4 class) demonstrating his use of the environment as a learning experience.

Bottle drive went well but “thanks to Chateau Cardboard and cans” bottle-drives are no longer a lucrative source of funds. However, they are a good way for parents to meet others.

Library flooded again, gala day, Bill Guild retires

 The library was again flooded.

Adventure play tower made safer in response to new safety standards for playgrounds being introduced.

Gala and hangi raised more than $2757.91.

Bill Guild retired after 28 years service to the school. Farewell and Open Day held - December 15th.

New Headmaster Les Osten Starts

New Headmaster - Les Osten. Aim: to identify pathway to future growth and development of Frankley, lift the profile of the school and “open the doors”.

Lunch with children, parents, grandparents, gala

Start of once-a-month “Lunch with the children”- parents, grandparents and families welcome (12:00 - 1:00) to share in lunch activities.

Gala raised $5224

Moves started towards looking for a building for a hall.

Cyclone Bola

The school closed March 7 - 9 due to Cyclone  Bola. The event provided great inspiration for creative writing!

School fees increase to $8 per family.

Picot report - Tomorrows Schools

Mr. Osten briefed the SFRC and parents on the implications of the Picot Report (the precursor to “Tomorrow’s Schools”).

Year of the Pig

 August: The year of the pig! A large but friendly pig wandered down the school drive.

Pet n Petal Day, Gala

Pet Show and Flower Display.

Gala raised $5395.44

Last School Committee Meeting

Last meeting of the Frankley School, School Committee.

First Board Elections

First Board of Trustees election - arising from “Tomorrow’s Schools” and the reform of educational administration allowing parents to make a major contribution to the Education process. Main objective of the reforms  is the “improvement in learning and teaching in classrooms”.

First meeting of the Frankley School Board of Trustees

First meeting of the Frankley School Board of Trustees. Chairperson - John Eagles. Alex  Forsyth (Chairman of the now dis-established School Committee), co-opted onto the Board to assist with the transition period. Work began on school’s Strategic Plan.

Special meeting to discuss purchase of Hawera railway hall

Special meeting to discuss purchase of the Hawera railway hall for use as a school hall.

Relocatable classroom

School fees increased to $15 per child, $30 per family.

Relocatable classroom approved due to roll growth. Staff entitlement for 1991 to be 7.

Hawera railway hall official opening, Gala

Purchased, moved and installed Hawera railway hall on site at Frankley- in use by August. Official opening - 30 November 1990.

Gala Raised $5276.78

School charter approved

13 March: School Charter formally approved by Ministry of Education.

Enrolment scheme, new playground, school gala

2 December: Community meeting re school roll and possible Enrolment Scheme.

Construction of new adventure playground suggested - children’s input sought.

School gala raised approx. $7000

Focus for the year, major maintenance

Focus for year - “C, D, E & F: Challenge, Direction, Education and Focus on the child.

Major maintenance day - approximately 90 people attended saving the school $6000 on maintenance costs etc.

Board elections, staffroom extended, new classroom, car park donated

BOT elections - Helen Drew elected Chairperson.

Term 3: Staffroom extended and carpeted - funded by BOT.

New classroom (8th) put on site, funded  by BOT. In use by end Term 3.

Johnston family donated land across the road from school for a car-park.

Overcrowding, Trevor Young

Overcrowding certificate obtained from Ministry. Enrolment Scheme approved and adopted for use in 1993.

Trevor Young, Groundsman, passed away.

School regraded from 7 to 8 teachers with a non-teaching Principal.

Resource room built over the Summer holiday ready for 1993.

School Carnival raised approx. $6000

Junior production

Junior School Production “Joey and the Magic Carpet”.

Year dedicated to Trevor Young, Zone put in place

1993 was dedicated to the memory of Trevor Young, Groundsman for 11 years.

Focus for the year - “Catch the Child - Communicate the Success”.

First year of operation of the Enrolment Scheme.

Adventure playground officially open, ERO, Whole school production, Carnival

Adventure playground officially opened.

First ERO visit- positive report given.

First major/whole school production - “Winnie the Pooh”.  State Insurance Theatre.

 Carnival raised more than $8000.


Focus for the year - MAPs - “Making Action Plans”.

Multi purpose building arrived

Multi-purpose building arrived on site. This was an old laboratory from the Waitara Freezing Works.

Events from 1995

The year of the three “One Hundred Year” floods- April, June, October.

BOT elections - Helen Drew elected Chairperson.

Start of FYOSCG- Frankley and YMCA Out of School Care Group.

Technology purchased for all rooms - IBM compatible technology for Senior rooms and Acorn for Junior.

Production - Peter Pan.  NP Opera House.

17 November: Information Centre opened by John Eagles.

Carnival raised $8000.

Events from 1996

Four Term Year introduced.

Focus for the year - SMART -   Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results Orientated, Timeframe/Boundaries.

School fees rise to $20 per child and $40 per family.

Carnival raised $12,549.74

December: Start of works to lift and upgrade library and link it to the Information Centre by boardwalk, extend Rooms 3 & 4. Major drainage works begin.

Events from 1997

Focus for year - HIT : High on the Promotion of Information Technology throughout the curriculum.

Major drainage work, lifting of library and extension of Rooms 3 & 4 completed.

Library automation begun, under guidance of Jackie Cameron. Books and teacher resources entered on library system. MUSAC system set up.

Les attended Primary Principals’ Conference - keynote speaker Art Costa spoke on “The School as a Home for the Mind”.

Production: “It’s a Fine Life”.  NP Opera House.

Events from 1998

Focus for year - RAVE : Review, Action, Value, Encourage.
Les returned to teaching part-time to support high numbers in Year 6.

School fees $35 per child, $60 per family.

BOT elections - Julie Doran elected Chairperson.

May: Primary teachers’ claim for pay parity with Secondary teachers ratified.

Major Information and Communication Technology development begins - significant donation from David and Janet Lean.

Shade areas and pool upgrade completed - opened in December by Helen Drew.

Road traffic report (re speed) presented by Year 6 pupils. Report passed on to NPDC resulting in action to install crossing and realign road.

October/November: After consultation with community BOT agrees to proceed with FFO -Fully Funded Option or “Bulk Funding”. Fund to be protected for staff related projects and issues with clear benefits to pupils.

Carnival raised $15,018.

Les to develop plan for introduction of “Habits of Mind” to the school as a guiding philosophy.

Events from 1999

Focus for the year - “A school - A home for the mind”.

Staffing entitlement for the year 10.0

Heating upgrade: existing boiler demolished, new gas supply lines installed plus gas heating units, electrical services and electric wall heaters. Data cabling also laid.

July: Major administration block upgrade and modernization begun: included extension of Rooms 1&2 (plus asbestos removal), building of new “roll-growth” classroom, covered walk-ways and toilet block alterations.

Road realignment and pedestrian crossing installation approved by Council.

August: Visit and seminar by Art Costa - mentor for the school on Habits of Mind.

Enrolment scheme reviewed - all those living within zone must be allowed to enrol.

Whole school Production: High Hopes.  TSB Showplace.

Carnival raised $15,140.

Events from 2000

24 March: Refurbished Administration block, new classroom (Room 3) and extended Rooms 1&2 opened. Sundial and time-capsule installed.

Water main into school replaced.

Work began on carpark for staff and visitors. Path installed alongside driveway.

Carnival raised $13,600.

Modernization of Rooms 6&7 undertaken in Summer holidays.

Events from 2001

Focus for the year - continue developing  “Habits of Mind” and “Thinking Maps” philosophy.

School staffing entitlement 11.2 - starting roll 238.

School fees $35 per child, $60 per family.

30 March - BOT elections. Peter Siffleet elected Chairperson.

Les went on sabbatical to USA - focus “Habits of Mind”.

Whole school production - “Summer Holiday”.  TSB Showplace.

Carnival raised $17068.33.

Events from 2002

April: BOT announce new hall to be built - old hall to be put up for tender and removal.

October: ERO visit - very successful - highly positive report.

November: Carnival raised $19,221.60.

November: Frankley School 150th Jubilee float joined in the city’s annual Christmas parade.

Work starts on new hall

February: Work begun on new hall. Old hall moved across playing field until contractor able to remove it off site.

Art Costa visit

April: Art Costa delivered whole day seminar on further development of “Habits of Mind” to staff and interested parents.


Production “School Days” held in Frankley School Hall.

150th Jubilee

24-26th October : 150th Jubilee “Quite Frankley - We’re 150!”

Events from 2004

April: Retiring chairperson of the Board, Peter Siffleet farewelled after 16 years of service.

September: Deputy Principal Mr Kevin Archer of 17 years wins a new position to Taranaki Regional Council as education officer.

Nov: New Deputy Principal Damon Ritai is appointed to begin in 2005.

December: Mr Kevin Archer has a special assembly as he moves on to his new position.

Events from 2005

August: Frankley Rugby Team wins the George Walker rugby trophy beating Westend 28-35

September 13-14: “Frankley Outta This World” TSB Showplace.

Dec: Library resource manager, Mrs Marg’ Lister of 13 years moves on. New library manager Tracey Kogut appointed.

Principal to retire

April: Principal of 20 years, Mr Les Osten, announces retirement date as September the 22.

August : Frankley school playground is removed in readiness for a new one to be erected.

New DP, website, Mrs Peckham

New Deputy Principal appointed, Mrs Merryl McAllister.

Frankley website launched https://www.frankley.school.nz/

September:  Mrs Lesley Peckham, teacher, retires after 14 years of service at Frankley School.
Library refurbishment complete and opened.

New Playground, Principal retires

New playground opened by Mr Les Osten along with a cornerstone in dedication of his 20 years of service to our community.

September 22 Mr Les Osten retires with a final assembly and celebration evening.

October: New Principal starts Mr Damon Ritai along with Deputy Principal Mrs McAllister

November: Carnival raised $22,352.81

Events from 2007

Feb:  New staff members Natalie Wolfe (Room 7) and Ben Single (Room 5) begin.  Mrs Kay Jones moves to Room 1.

March:  Sheryl Davison secretary, school production convenor and support staff member of 12 years moves on.  Mrs Robyn King is appointed as new office administrator.

September 18-19: “The Cup of Life” TSB Showplace.

October: Frankley School's decile moves from a 9 to 10

Dec:  Student Management System eTap is introduced

New Times

Frankley begins the year with new times 9-11am (munch crunch at 10am), 11:20am – 12:50pm (lunch till 1:40pm), 1:40pm – 3:00pm.  Trial basis.

Emergency Procurement

Aug 18:  Emergency Procurement work starts at Frankley School.  Room 4/5 relocated and health and safety work commenced.  Major work started at Frankley School, Room 4/5 reroof, exterior cladding, new aluminum windows, back door, fire egress exit, remove rot, lighting & power upgrade.  Newly built sand pit and eating area outside of Room 1.  Junior toilet block upgrade.  Retaining wall on the netball court was sloped and drainage issues resolved.  Rebracing of the court fencing.  Room 8 and 9 roofing, exterior cladding.

Fancy Dress Ball

18 Sept:  Frankley School Fancy Dress held at FDMC

Ex Motunui room arrives

Oct 13 :  Room 1, Ex Motunui arrives to Frankley School.

ERO visit

Oct 20:  ERO Visit from Auckland team.


Nov 07:  School Carnival made history and raised a whopping $27,123.84

Ex Motunui room 2 arrives, Leave granted

Dec 11:  Room 2, Ex Motunui arrives to Frankley School.  Work started on having these rooms ready and operational for the beginning of 2009.

Leave granted to Jenny Cooksley (Reading recovery training), Alison Clarkson (ICT professional development) and Kim Cribb (Road Sense Facilitator 2009).

Frankley starts year with 2 new rooms reloacted from Motunui School

Feb:  Frankley school starts the year with 2 new rooms relocated from Motunui School.  Electronic Roll Attendance begins.  The room numbers have changed and a map of the school is developed.  (See diagram below)

Feb 2009:  New staff members Mr Ryan Fleming (Permanent Rm 7), Miss Anna Chamberlain (Fixed term Rm 4), Mrs Rebecca Miles (Permanent Room 9), Mrs Linda Wichman (Fixed term Room 10), Mrs Geraldine Irvine (Fixed term Room 5).

Rooms 8 and 9 (Old Room 6,7) refurbished in term 1 of 2009.  The rooms were relocated to the library and hall.

Room 8 and 9 moved back to their rooms

April 27: Rooms 8 and 9 moved back to their new rooms while we wait for confirmation on re-roofing.

All emergency procurement work stopped

April 29:  All emergency procurement work stopped.  Fletcher Construction have been told to cease work until MOE approve funding and work to continue.  This process could take 2-3 weeks.  It took a whole term 10 weeks.  Work commenced on the 06 July with the priority being to re-roof Rooms 8,9,10,11 and the library.  This was achieved over the 2 week break, unbelievable.

Emergency procurement work restarts

06 July with the priority being to re-roof Rooms 8,9,10,11 and the library.  This was achieved over the 2 week break, unbelievable.

Official opening Room 6 and 7

Today we opened rooms 6 and 7 that were relocated to Frankley School from Motunui School.

Frankley School 156 years old

August 17:  Frankley School turned 156 years old.  Rooms 6 and 7 (Ex-Motunui) were officially opened by “Bill Guild, Les Osten and Damon Ritai”, The past, present and future.

School Carnival breaks record

Nov 08:  School Carnival broke a record $30,000 great effort. Leah Uhlenberg carnival coordinator.

Frankley Stags JP Div 5 champions

Dec 12 – Frankley Stags JP Div 5 champions, coach Todd Burbudge.

Start of 2010

Feb 2:  School starts

NPPA Interschool rugby final

July 30 – Frankley vs Spotswood NPPA rugby final 16-29 to Spotswood.

Frankley School turns 157 years old

August 17:  Frankley School turned 157 years old

NP Cross Country Champ

Sept 07 – NP Cross Country Champs – 1st Place Sam Furze.

School Carnival

Nov 7th Carnival we raised a whopping ..... [not recorded from Principal's notes!!]

Farewell Mrs Miles

July Mrs Rebecca Miles appointed as Team Leader of Sports Academy Devon Intermediate School

Farewell Miss Anna Chamberlain

August Miss Anna Chamberlain resigns to focus on her family.

Frankley School turned 158 years old

August 17:  Frankley School turned 158 years old.

Taranaki Cross Country Champ

21st Sept.  Hannah O’Connor first place U11 girls at the Taranaki Cross Country Champs in Hawera today.  Hannah will go on to do great things in running.  Well done.

Permanent positions filled for 2012

26th Sept – Staff announcement Mrs Geraldine Irvine and Mrs Jo Wilkinson are made permanent staff members to start in Feb 2012.

Panto Pandemonium TSB Showplace.

04 Oct – Panto Pandemonium TSB Showplace.  A great success involved 34 cast members.  Mrs Kim Cribb – Director, Tania Johnson – Musical director.


The Frankley School Orchard was opened officially today

07 Oct – The Frankley School Orchard was opened officially today.  Families bought trees and planted them today.  This was made possible with the help of Shelly Gard and Mrs Geraldine Irvine.  See the list below.

All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup held in Aotearoa

23 October All Blacks win the rugby world cup 8-7 putting to rest the 24 year hodo.

Frankley Plant Nursery

30 October First Frankley Plant Nursery fundraiser “Sharon Cook”.  Frankley School Plant Nursery Annual Sale kicked off for the first time.  Sharon Cook and her team have been meeting every Wednesday for the past six months, potting out plants and preparing for Annual Sale and School Carnival.  This raised a very impressive $2,745.00. 

Congratulations and may future annual plant sales flourish.

School Carnival

Nov 6th Carnival raised $27,338.00.

Frankly Ossies win the Junior Primary Div 1 final

Dec 10 -  Frankly Ossies win the Junior Primary Div 1 final

Term 1 starts 2012

31 January- school starts

Frankley School Marches On

Frankley Ossies win JP Div 1 cricket final and make it 2 in a row.  They will be going for a 3 peat in Dec.  Coaches Todd Burbidge and Phil Gard.

Frankley Stags win Junior Primary Div 3, only our second time that we have won this.  Coach Jason Elder.

Frankley Rugby League team makes the finals of the Tony Kemp Cup against St Josephs NP.  Score 24-12 to St Joes.

Frankley School Interschool Rugby Finals

Frankley rugby team makes it to the final of division 1 playing Woodleigh.  We lost the game 44-24.

Farewell Mr Single

We say farewell to Mr Ben Single after 5 and half years service.  Ben was appointed to Principal position at Mokau School.  Official start date 20 August. Miss Laura Keenan starts in Room 3.

August 17:  Frankley School turned 159 years old

Record Breaking Carnival

Frankley Carnival: I am so pleased to announce that our total profit today was!!!  $35,900.00.  Breaking the record of $30,000.00.  Many thanks to my co-ordinators, Erin Stephens (food), Chris Copestake (admin) Diane Sobye (activities) and Janine Schoefield(products/crafts).  Also to Paula Ryan, Neralee Diamond, Rose Griener, Sarah Wood and Lynne Robertson. You all put in 110%. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

To the FRANKLEY family and friends, (and the sunshine) thank you for making our carnival so successful.

Keli Wheeler - Carnival Co-Ordinator 2012

Congratulations Mrs Morris

Anna Chamberlain marries Brent Morris.  Great wedding.

Farewell Mr Fleming

Mr Ryan Fleming resigns from his permanent position for a great opportunity to play cricket in England.

New staff appointed

Amanada O’Dowda (Kenakena School) and Brendon Anderson (Milford School) both appointed as permanent teachers and start with us at Frankley.  Grace O’Dowda daughter of Amanda and Blair also starts.

New Board takes office

New Board takes office:  Gaylene Finlay, Dana Tipene Hook, Campbell Third, Gavin Clegg, Toby Lecher, Jo Wilkinson (Staff rep), Robyn King (Secretary), Damon Ritai (Principal).

The Best Zealand in the Universe

Frankley School Production “The Best Zealand in the Universe”.  TSB Showplace.

Soccer Champs

Congratulations to the Frankley Football team who won the 2013 Inter-school competition, by defeating the long raining champions Woodleigh School by 1 nil.  Well done guys it will be nice to see Frankley School on the shield.

Frankley School turned 160 years old

Frankley School turned 160 years old.

Frankley School Carnival

Frankley School Carnival made $36,123.00 wow another great effort by SFRC committee.

Permanent appointment

Mrs Karen Hughes made permanent teacher at Frankley School ready to start in 2014.

 Frankley School shifting to Google Apps for Education GAFE.

January 2014

January 28: Teacher only day with Trevor Bond

January 30:  Term 1 begins.  Mrs Karen Hughes and Mrs Amanda O’Dowda begin collaborative teaching in Super HQ 67.

Soccer finals

July 14:  Frankley School vs St John Bosco interschool football final SCORE???? [not recorded]

Division 2 Netball Champions

Our Netball A team played St John Bosco in the Division 2 final on Thursday.  The game was played at Devon Intermediate School.  Our team have performed very well this season and worked together as a team on the court.  The final was very exciting and and our team displayed accuracy and determination.  The final score was 25-3 to Frankley.  History has been made winners of the Maree Leach Trophy.

Frankley School birthday

August 17: Frankley School turned 161 years old.

Busy September

September 10:  Fancy Dress FDMC

September 18:  NP Music Festival

September 23/24: Student Led Conferences

September 29:  School Network Upgrade starts SNUP

Frankley School Carnival

November 9:  Frankley School Carnival

ERO review

November 17/18/19:  ERO review.

Super HQ 67

January 28:  Super HQ 67 continues with Mrs Hughes and Mrs O’Dowda, they also retain the majority of the class.  Mrs Erin Smith made permanent teacher in Room 9.

STIN Interviews

Feb 10/11:  Student Talents Interests and Needs interviews, STIN Interviews.

Farewell Mrs Erin Smith

April 2:  Mrs Erin Smith resigns for family reasons.  Mrs Belinda Baldwin appointed as fixed term teacher in Room9.

Student Led Conference

May 5/6:  Student Led Conference.

Trip to Belgium

June 24:  Mr Ritai on leave family trip to Belgium.

Frankley School Birthday

August 17: Frankley School turned 162 years old.

Student Led Conferences

October 20/22:  Student Led Conferences

All Blacks World Champs

October 31:  All Blacks become the first team to go back to back titles beating Australia 17-34, finished off by a superb try from Taranaki’s own Beauden Barrett.  Great achievement led by inspirational captain and leader Richie McCaw.

Farewell Mrs Hughes and Mrs O'Dowda

December 15:  Mrs Hughes successful with Assistant Principal position at Lepperton School.  Mrs O’Dowda successful with Team Leader position at Oakura School.

2018 Common Goal

Feb 3:  Goal: “By 2018 Innovative Learning Environments and collaborative teaching will be in place.  Single celled classrooms will not exist” CORE education will be working alongside the school to makes this a reality.

New appointments for 2016

Mrs Wendy Parkes and Mrs Bonnie Mills appointed to permanent positions, they both begin in Team 67 collaboratively teaching.  Miss Caitlin Domanski fixed term position in Room 9.

Kapahaka tutor powhiri

March 2:  Community/Staff powhiri for Kapahaka tutor Matapaepae Urwin.

Mark Osborne

March 8: Mark Osborne community presentation.

Kapahaka begins

March 22:  Kapahaka begins at Frankley School.

Farewell Mrs Jones

April 15:  Mrs Kay Jones retires after 26 years at Frankley School.

Support Staff Day

We celebrated support staff day on 08 June 2016.

Please click here for photos.

New Board takes office

June 10:  New Board takes office:  Gemma Chawick, Erin Smith, Paul Davison, Graeme Jones, Campbell Third (Board chair), Kim Cribb, Robyn King (Secretary) and Damon Ritai (Principal).

Grandparents Day 2016

We welcomed grandparents on 15 June at Frankley School.  Click here for more photos.

Frankley School 163 yrs old

August 17: Frankley School turned 163 years old



Today we we make history with our first performance at the Tatarakihi Kapahaka Festival in Hawera.  Our group is called "Kahikatea".  We have 40 children performing on stage in the entertainment section of the festival.  We are scheduled to perform on stage at 1:45pm. Our Kapahaka tutor Matapaepae has done a stellar job in getting our children ready to perform.  Mrs Irvine has spent hours busily sewing and organising dresses for our girls.  Mrs Cribb has been organising transport and logistics for the trip down and back to Hawera.  

"E tu Kahikatea - Standing strong is the Kahikatea (White pine) 



Building Improvement Project 2

Block F - Room 3/4 building project started to address the leaking buildings problems.  Room 3/4 moved to the school hall during this time.  We also managed to remove the walls of the resource room to open the space up in, Innovative Learning Environment and Collaborative Teaching.

Mrs Anna Trinder and Mrs Amanda O'Dowda appointed

Mrs Anna Trinder and Mrs Amanda O'Dowda were both appointed to permanent position at Frankley School starting in 2017.

Kahikatea Kapahaka Group

Our Kapahaka Group "Kahikatea" performed on stage at the "Puanga" kapahaka festival held in Waitara.  Our children did us proud on stage.

Mrs Jan Hawkins announces her retirement

It is sad for our school community that this week the Board received a letter of retirement from Mrs Jan Hawkins, Assistant Principal. While this is sad news for the school community it should be a celebratory time for Mrs Hawkins who has served our school and community tirelessly for 26 years.

Mrs Tina Johnson and Mrs Rachael James fixed term appointments

Mrs Tina Johnson and Mrs Rachael James fixed term appointments to work in Te Kākano with Mrs Amanda O'Dowda in a shared teaching role.

Frankley School introduces Nga Puna Ako - Learning Hubs

We plant "The Seed".  "The blossom" appears.  The "Seedling" continues to grow.  The roots system "join together".  The "Kahikatea" trees stand strong.  Stand confident, stand resolute yay!

Ka whakatō "Te Kakano".  Ka puta "Te Puawai".  Ka tipu "Te Pihinga".  Ka "Tuhono" nga pakiaka.  Ka tu kaha nga "Kahikatea".  E tu maia, e tu manawanui eee!

The names of the learning hubs will be:

"Te Kakano" (Room 1 and 2)

"Te Puawai" (Room 3 and 4)

"Te Pihinga" (Room 6 and 7)

"Tuhono" (Room 8 and 9)

"Kahikatea" (Room 10 and 11)

Farewell to Staff 2016

Miss Caitlin Domanski will be completing here time with us at Frankley School.  She arrived to us from Australia and I know that she has enjoyed developing her professional practice with us.  Thank you very much Miss Domanski and all the best for next year.

Joan Scott, Rebecca Critchell and Wendy Ritai will not be returning next year as support staff workers.  Wendy started here in February 2014 and has worked with different children supporting learning with reading during this time.

Joan started at Frankley School in October 2014 and has worked alongside children supporting speech therapy and audio processing.  

Rebecca started this year after Jenny Gallo resigned.  She has also helped support a range of children with literacy.

We are sad to see them go and we wish Caitlin, Wendy, Joan and Rebecca all the best for the future.

Farewell Afternoon Tea for Mrs Jan Hawkins

Today we had an afternoon for Mrs Jan Hawkins to thank her for her contributions to our school community for the past 26 years.  We wished her and husband Wayne all the best for the future.

Welcome to 2017

Frankley school starts the year off with five Puna Ako - Learning Hubs

  • Te Kākano (Y0-1) - Mrs Amanda O'Dowda, Mrs Tina Johnson, Mrs Rachael James
  • Te Puāwai (Y1-2) - Mrs Jenny Cooksley, Mrs Geraldine Irvine
  • Te Pihinga (Y3-4) - Mrs Wendy Parkes, Mrs Bonnie Mills
  • Tūhono (Y4-5) - Mrs Kim Cribb, Mrs Anna Trinder
  • Kahikatea (Y5-6) - Mrs Merryl McAllister, Mrs Brendon Anderson

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