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A modern, innovative learning experience

A learning hub is a flexible learning environment that allows for a greater range of teaching and learning opportunities. Each of our learning hubs is situated in a set of interconnected rooms where children and teachers can move through the spaces – forming clusters and re-grouping for different activities.

Hubs enable a team-teaching approach. With between 2 and 4 teachers per hub, the learning is able to be tailored to suit the needs of different children. By forming small groups throughout the day, children receive guided learning at a level best suited to their abilities.

The collaborative nature of team-teaching means that each child has multiple teachers who know them well and understand their unique learning requirements. Learning activities can be adapted for each child, or group of similarly-skilled children. In practice, this means that children often break into different learning workshops/hui for their maths, writing or reading. Personalised learning where students need additional support or further development is possible within this format and is one of the great benefits of a learning hub.

Meet the teachers / kaiako for each hub on our Staff page

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