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Frankley School Localised Curriculum

The Frankley School Localised Curriculum was developed to enhance our new school Vision. 

Te Kitenga – Our Vision: 

Tū kaha

Tū manaaki

Tū ako

~ Courageous Caring Learner

At Frankley School we value a range of learning opportunities. We have specialist Art and Music teachers who share their expertise and passion with our tamariki.  Our Year 6 children learn to surf, and groups of children enjoy yoga sessions to support their hauora(wellbeing). We love our Kapa Haka,  whole school trips to Muru Raupatu Marae and beach day. Enjoy reading about our developing Localised Curriculum. We continuously challenge ourselves to engage and empower all of our learners. 

Our teaching and learning programme includes strong foundation learning in literacy and numeracy complemented with playful learning.

Our learners can explore, experiment, discover and problem solve in imaginative and playful ways.

Guiding Principles

We believe learners learn best through a personalised, agentic programme, with strong whānau engagement.

We recognise Te Ao Māori and developing effective relationships built on trust and respect are an integral part of improving the outcomes for our students and as such it underpins and weaves through each of the areas below. Our mahi with the Māori Achievement Collaboration has supported our journey with Te Ao Māori.

Our 6 Capabilities

We have 6 Capabilities that drive our Frankley School Curriculum. Our children will leave Frankley School with life long skills and confidence in:

Each Capability has transition pathways to allow children to develop at their own pace. We use a personalised approach and are respectful of each learner’s progressions. The Capabilities provide consistent language for students, teachers and whānau across the school.  Our Capabilities: Communication and Thinking have been developed in 2020. In 2021 we will focus on Agency and Hauora. We strive to create authentic opportunities to learn.

Our Vision, Guiding Principles and Capabilities were developed in response to the feedback from all of our stakeholders.

The Communication Capability

Our Communication Capability includes Communicating a message through:

  • Texts:  written or spoken
  • Creations: presentations, artworks, songs, dances, drama, movies, photos, etc.

Skills we develop:

  1. Craft for the Purpose and Audience – Pete Panda 
  2. Choose Ideas – Chad the Cheetah 
  3. ‘Organise Ideas – Opal Octopus  
  4. Know and use text features – Terri Turtle
  5. Select Vocabulary – Viv Vulture 
  6. Use Sentences & Punctuation – Spencer Spider 
  7. Use Phonics & Spelling Knowledge – Philippa Fish
  8. Edit for Accuracy – Eddie Elephant 
  9. Speak and Discuss
  10. Use multimedia
  11. Korero Māori (to be developed)

Communication Whānau

Our Communication Whānau make our learning visible and allow learners to create connections

The Thinking Capability

Our Thinking Capability is supported by our Think Crew to develop a Curious, Skillful Thinker. You will hear about, and see these characters around the Collaborative Hubs.

Skills we develop:

Think like Con the Conductor:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Think about my thinking

Think like Keri Caring:

  1. Consider perspectives, feelings, values & beliefs

Think like Judge Critical:

  1. Make and justify opinions, judgements & decisions by analysing and evaluating ideas to find:
    • Consequences & Outcomes – that will be negatives, flaws, problems disadvantages, weaknesses & dangers
    • Arguments & Reasons – against an idea, why it won’t work well
    • Evidence & Conclusions

Think like Benny Sunshine:

  1. Analyse and evaluate  ideas to find:
    • Consequences – that will be benefits,  positives, advantages and strengths
    • Arguments and Reasons – in favour of an idea, why it will work well

Think like Ida Ideas:

  1. Solve problems
  2. Generate innovative ideas
  3. Imagine possibilities

Think Crew:

Our Think Crew make our learning visible and allow learners to create connections.

The Agency Capability

Our Agency Capability is all about helping tamariki build character so they can make their way in life.

Download our PDF showing how we work with the Agency Capability here (706kb):

Skills we develop:

  1. Be responsible:
    • Actions have consequences
    • Do the right thing
  2. Be proactive:
    • Just do it
    • Solutions focused
  3. Be reflective:
    • Reflect back
    • Plan forward
  4. Be courageous:
    • Challenge ourselves
    • Give it a go
  5. Be determined:
    • Have grit
    • Learning takes effort

Meet our Agency Bees:

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